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Mercedes EQS ambient lighting

How to adjust the Ambient Lighting on Mercedes-Benz EQS

Our cars have progressed from simple transport to moving computers. The Mercedes EQS is no exception. Ambient lighting is one of the best things about modern cars and the EQS. This relatively straightforward (yet well-engineered) system can instantly change...
3 min read
Tesla pet mode

How to turn on ‘Pet Mode’ on Tesla Model S

You should never leave a pet in a car. Everyone knows that. It’s crucial for their well-being and, on hot days, could very quickly lead to death. It also leaves them at risk from dognapping. Pet Mode is a...
4 min read
Ioniq 5 lane assist

How to turn off Lane Assist on Hyundai IONIQ 5

You’re all set for an affordable electric car with Hyundai’s newest IONIQ 5 and its futuristic design. Starting at around $40,000, the IONIQ 5 offers clean emissions and a considerable amount of electronic safety features, giving a better driving...
3 min read
Tesla software update

How to update Tesla software

Modern cars are incredibly advanced, with computers controlling everything. Just like your phone or computer, you must install regular software updates. This guide explains installing Tesla software updates, including scheduling and viewing release notes. Read your owner’s manual for...
4 min read
Porsche Taycan key

How to replace the Porsche Taycan key battery

Key batteries all inevitably die eventually. While this won’t restrict you from entering your Porsche Taycan, it will prevent you from using the central locking. This brief article contains a quick overview explaining how to change the battery in...
3 min read
Tesla charging port

How to open the charge port on Tesla Model S

The Tesla charge port on the Model S can be found at the rear of the car. It’s part of the tail light assembly. Of course, opening the charge port door is crucial. Without this, you can’t charge the...
3 min read
Porsche dynamic light system (pdls)

Porsche Taycan Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) Explained

Seeing where you’re going is essential. In fact, the further ahead (and to the sides) you have in your field of vision, the better prepared you’ll be to react. Modern lighting systems on EVs and new cars come with...
3 min read
Ioniq 5 highway driver assist

Operating Highway Driving Assist (HDA) on Hyundai IONIQ 5

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 Highway Driving Assist (HDA) is a driver-assistance system. It helps you control your car’s speed and lane position on the highways by combining Smart Cruise Control and Lane Follow Assist. If equipped, HDA may also...
4 min read
Tesla heated steering wheel

How to turn the heated steering wheel on in Tesla Model Y

A heated steering wheel is a luxury – but most cars, including the Tesla Model Y, have them nowadays. They allow you to grip the steering wheel comfortably. This is especially useful on cold winter mornings and eliminates the...
3 min read