Tesla software update

How to update Tesla software

Modern cars are incredibly advanced, with computers controlling everything. Just like your phone or computer, you must install regular software updates. This guide explains installing Tesla software updates, including scheduling and viewing release notes. Read your owner’s manual for...
3 min read
Tesla media player

How to use the Tesla Media Player

These days, most people wouldn’t even consider buying a car unless it came with an advanced sound system and media connectivity. As a result, car manufacturers usually try to make their vehicles as comprehensive as possible. The Tesla Model...
2 min read
Tesla model 3 sport steering mode

How to switch between Sport mode, Comfort mode, and Standard mode steering in a Tesla Model 3

There’s more to steering your car than simply keeping it straight. While you drive along, you’ll be making microscopic corrections all the time – even if you don’t realize it! When you approach corners, bends, curves, intersections, and so...
2 min read
How to pair phone to tesla

How to pair your phone to Tesla Model S

Nowadays, most cars come with Bluetooth connectivity (like most phones). This means you can connect your smart device to your vehicle. In turn, this means you can answer phone calls, play music, and do much more, all from the...
2 min read
Tesla party mode

How to activate Party Mode on Tesla Model X

Teslas may or may not be the future of the driving world – but they represent the new EV era in all its glory. Cars are no longer simply four wheels and some seats. No, now they can be…...
2 min read
Tesla model 3

How to customize Track Mode on my Tesla Model 3

Track Mode is the ultimate sporty option on a Tesla Model 3. It mustn’t ever be used on a public road and is only for closed racing circuits. With Track Mode enabled, the Model 3’s performance will significantly increase....
2 min read

How to control Tesla Model Y Stopping Mode

Whenever you release the accelerator pedal, your Model Y begins regenerative braking. The batteries recharge using an alternator-like system driven by the turning wheels. This technology emulates engine braking. Without it, releasing the gas pedal would feel very strange...
2 min read
Tesla wallet

Starting/Canceling Valet Mode in the Tesla Model X

Valet Mode is a useful feature on the Tesla Model X. Starting and canceling it brings peace of mind for the owner. It’s straightforward to activate and turn off. Here are the steps you should follow and what you...
2 min read
Tesla model 3 inside

How to add a second user to my Tesla Model 3

Driver profiles are a great addition to the Model 3. They allow you to customize your driving experience and optimize comfort. Most of the time, the car’s primary driver is behind the wheel. On occasion, though, you might lend...
2 min read