Volkswagen ID.4

id.4 spare tire

What you need to know about the VW ID.4 spare tire

The Volkswagen ID.4 is a popular electric SUV that offers a smooth and efficient driving experience. While electric vehicles are known for their low maintenance, it is still important to know what to expect in terms of spare tire...
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VW ID.4 tire pressure

What is the recommended tire pressure for the VW ID.4?

As a legal requirement, all new EU and North American cars must have a tire pressure monitoring system, otherwise known as TPMS. These systems alert us when tire pressures are not at an optimal level. However, pumping air to...
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Wi-Fi Hotspot VW ID.4

How to activate Wi-Fi hotspot in your VW ID.4

In the modern world, staying connected to the internet has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or communication, having an internet connection is now a necessity. Volkswagen has recognized this need and...
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VW ID.4 dimensions

What are the dimensions of the VW ID.4?

The VW ID.4 is Volkswagen’s hottest EV in North America right now. As an electric SUV, it’s ideally suited to match the current trends in the automotive market. But how big is it? To find out, I checked out...
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VW id4

How to operate the electronic parking brake on VW ID.4

You must activate the VW ID. 4’s parking brake every time you park your car. If it doesn’t actuate the brakes, your vehicle might simply roll away. Of course, it’s imperative on hills. This article walks you through the...
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