Going beyond the ideal blend of luxury, technology, and power, BMW i delivers more than thrilling, sustainably designed all-electric vehicles – it’s about transforming your life with every drive.  With electric driving comes exciting possibilities. That’s why BMW approaches this new era in mobility just like any other; where engineering, innovation and aesthetics come together seamlessly to inspire joy in every journey.


BMW i4 launch control

How to activate Launch Control on BMW i4

Launch Control can be found on many modern cars, including the BMW i4. It helps propel you to the vehicle’s top speed at maximum load. While it’s an imposing way to accelerate, it’s vital to only use Launch Control...
3 min read
Bmw i4 drive recorder

Activating/Deactivating the BMW Drive Recorder on BMW i4

The BMW i4 Drive Recorder saves short clips of the area around your car (up to 20 seconds before and after a trigger). It uses the parking system cameras, giving you a general all-around view. Recordings are saved to...
3 min read
BMW i4 ambient lighting

Switching ambient lighting on and off on BMW i4

Ambient lighting can be found in many cars nowadays. By now, it’s almost a standard feature. While hardly a mechanically necessary feature, it goes a long way to enhance the atmosphere within your cabin. That makes a big difference...
3 min read
Bmw i4 parking assistant plus

How to turn Parking Assist on/off on BMW i4

Modern cars are full of assists to help you with driving. However, it’s crucial to remember – they’re there to help, not to do it for you. The BMW i4 Parking Assist (or Parking Assistant Plus) takes control of...
4 min read
Bmw i4 apple carplay

Apple CarPlay preparation on BMW i4

Electric cars and all modern vehicles are all about luxury and accessibility. Apple CarPlay can be found in almost every new transport on the road, including the BMW i4. This combines the functionality of your phone with the sleek...
3 min read
BMW i4 adaptive cruise control

How to turn on/off Active Cruise Control on BMW i4

Active Cruise Control on the BMW i4 works like most similar models on vehicles today. It controls your car’s speed, maintaining it just like a standard cruise control system. However, when approaching other vehicles traveling in the same direction,...
4 min read
BMW ix garage door opener

How to program garage door opener on BMW iX

As technology advances, so do the capabilities of our cars. One feature available on modern vehicles is the garage door opener, allowing drivers to easily access their garage without manually opening it. As a BMW iX owner, you’ll need...
4 min read
BMW ix active driving assistant

How to turn on off collision warning systems on BMW iX

The BMW iX comes equipped with collision warning systems. These help you avoid accidents or, at the very least, minimize the impact speed. Sometimes, you might need to turn the collision warning systems off. (Most should be on automatically.)...
4 min read
Bmw ix air suspension

How to activate/deactivate self-leveling suspension on BMW iX

In the 1950s, when Citroen introduced the first self-leveling suspension, car manufacturers were scrambling to develop their own designs. Looking for their own individual way to ensure that their vehicle can maintain the same level, no matter the load....
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