Porsche models with an electric motor have a range of up to 512 km. The battery can be charged between 5 to 80 % in 22.5 minutes¹. All-electric Porsche models have a top speed of up to 260 km/h. The Porsche Taycan models are currently available in this category.  With the range indicator, you can determine the estimated range for your journey. The indication is based on your personal driving profile, your travelling conditions and the respective model equipment.


Porsche Taycan key

How to replace the Porsche Taycan key battery

Key batteries all inevitably die eventually. While this won’t restrict you from entering your Porsche Taycan, it will prevent you from using the central locking. This brief article contains a quick overview explaining how to change the battery in...
3 min read
Porsche dynamic light system (pdls)

Porsche Taycan Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) Explained

Seeing where you’re going is essential. In fact, the further ahead (and to the sides) you have in your field of vision, the better prepared you’ll be to react. Modern lighting systems on EVs and new cars come with...
3 min read
Porsche taycan suspension

Porsche Taycan Active Suspension Management (PASM) setup

Adjustable suspension allows drivers to modify their vehicle’s suspension settings to suit their current driving needs. This technology has evolved significantly over the years, offering drivers a wide range of benefits, including improved handling, comfort, and performance. Adjustable suspension...
4 min read
Porsche taycan software updates

How to update software on Porsche Taycan (OTA)

I was incredibly excited when Porsche announced their new electric car. A Tesla-killer, people were whispering. However, if you own a Porsche Taycan, you’ll want to ensure you have the latest software updates installed to ensure it continues to...
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Porsche taycan brakes

How to switch Warn and Brake on and off on Porsche Taycan

New cars are becoming safer and safer with every new release. This comes in the form of physical safety features, with better crumple zones and sensors, to software features such as the Warn and Brake system fitted to the...
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Porche Taycan

How to program garage door opener (HomeLink) on Porsche Taycan

Having your garage door open for you when you get home is one of those satisfying, American-dream-type moments. You’ll find this feature on a wide variety of modern cars. Most use the HomeLink software (built into your vehicle’s system)...
2 min read
Porche taycan

How to activate Launch Control on Porsche Taycan Turbo

Launch control is designed to help a car accelerate as fast as possible. It’s best when combined with racing conditions (on a track) and tires. Electric cars are, in general, already very quick. Most have 0 to 60 times...
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Porche taycan

How to switch Night Vision Assist on and off on Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan Night Vision Assist program is about keeping pedestrians and animals safe on the road at night. It can see things beyond your low-beam headlights. You should still drive as normal, always using low-beam and high-beam lights...
2 min read

How to switch on/off and activate Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) on Porsche Taycan

Adaptive Cruise Control is one of those features you’ll find on most modern vehicles. It can be used as part of the InnoDrive system, and allows you to travel on the highways at a constant speed, except when approaching...
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