Kia e-niro winter mode

How to turn on winter mode on Kia e-Niro

All power systems must function at their optimal temperature. This is true for battery-powered EVs as well as internal combustion engines. In winter, cold temperatures can significantly affect performance. So, what can you do? Activating winter mode on the...
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Kia Niro charging door won't open

How to open the charging door on Kia e-Niro

When you come to charge your Kia Niro EV, you’ll need to plug it in. To do that, you need to open the charging door located at the front. Sometimes, the Kia Niro charging door doesn’t open. That’s frustrating...
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Kia ev6 charging speed

Charging time and charge types on KIA EV6

Charging your electric car must be done regularly. Although newer EVs come with more extended battery sizes (and therefore range potential), you’ll still need to watch out for low-charge warnings. It’s always essential to plan your route accordingly for...
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Kia niro tire pressure

How to check tire pressures on KIA e-Niro

The KIA e-Niro, otherwise known as the KIA Niro EV in the States, comes with direct TPMS. This means you can check tire pressures from the LCD display in front of you. Tire maintenance is a vital part of...
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Kia niro vess

How to turn on/off Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) on KIA e-Niro

As EVs became more popular, the world quickly realized there was a significant issue. They’re sleek and silent. This looks great and produces that feeling of luxury, but it’s dangerous for others! VESS on the KIA e-Niro protects other,...
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Kia niro rear wiper blade

How to remove KIA e-Niro front and rear wiper blade

Seeing the direction in which you’re heading is vital. Without it, you’ll be crashing into the next wall or hedge you come across. Wiper blades (or ‘windshield wipers’) are a crucial part of this. When water obscures your vision...
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Kia ev6 remote smart parking assist

How to operate remote smart parking assist on KIA EV6

The KIA EV6 is a high-tech electric vehicle with various advanced features, including a smart parking assist system. This system uses sensors and cameras to help you park your car safely and accurately, making it easier and more convenient...
2 min read
EV6 heads up display

How do I turn my Heads Up Display on/off on Kia EV6?

With the EV6, the South Korean car manufacturer has created something special. Its new flagship model offers impressive stats, such as a 328-mile range and fast-charging support. The Head-up display (HUD) is one of the Kia EV6’s most notable...
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Kia ev6 winter mode

How do I turn on winter mode for Kia EV6?

The perfect running temperature for any lithium-ion battery (such as those used in electric cars) is about 77°F (25°C). Anything less (or more), and efficiency starts to drop off. In EVs, this means poor performance and reduced range, increasing...
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