Model Y


How to control Tesla Model Y Stopping Mode

Whenever you release the accelerator pedal, your Model Y begins regenerative braking. The batteries recharge using an alternator-like system driven by the turning wheels. This technology emulates engine braking. Without it, releasing the gas pedal would feel very strange...
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How to program HomeLink for a remote-controlled garage door in Tesla Model Y

Having the garage door open when you arrive home in your Tesla Model Y is a great feature. It saves you time and makes it much easier to park inside, where your car is safe from criminals and the...
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Tesla, Opening The Hood

Opening The Hood With ‘No Power’ On My Tesla

Tesla’s line-up of fantastic electric vehicles with blistering performance, ample range, and production right here in the USA mean that the world’s first all-electric mass-production automaker has gained a cult following. Over 2 million Teslas have been sold to...
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