Tesla Model S

How Much Does a Tesla Motor Weigh: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are curious about how much a Tesla motor weighs, you are not alone. The weight of a Tesla motor is a frequently asked question among Tesla enthusiasts and potential buyers. Understanding the weight of a Tesla motor...
8 min read

How Far Can You Go on a Tesla Charge? Exploring the Range and Capabilities of a Tesla Electric Vehicle

If you’re considering buying a Tesla, one of the most important factors to consider is how far you can go on a single charge. After all, electric cars are only as useful as the distance they can travel before...
9 min read
How to pair phone to tesla

How to pair your phone to Tesla Model S

Nowadays, most cars come with Bluetooth connectivity (like most phones). This means you can connect your smart device to your vehicle. In turn, this means you can answer phone calls, play music, and do much more, all from the...
3 min read
Tesla pet mode

How to turn on ‘Pet Mode’ on Tesla Model S

You should never leave a pet in a car. Everyone knows that. It’s crucial for their well-being and, on hot days, could very quickly lead to death. It also leaves them at risk from dognapping. Pet Mode is a...
4 min read
Tesla software update

How to update Tesla software

Modern cars are incredibly advanced, with computers controlling everything. Just like your phone or computer, you must install regular software updates. This guide explains installing Tesla software updates, including scheduling and viewing release notes. Read your owner’s manual for...
4 min read
Tesla charging port

How to open the charge port on Tesla Model S

The Tesla charge port on the Model S can be found at the rear of the car. It’s part of the tail light assembly. Of course, opening the charge port door is crucial. Without this, you can’t charge the...
3 min read