Hummer EV

Hummer EV crab walk

Hummer EV Four-Wheel Steering Modes (Including CrabWalk) Explained

Many exciting developments are hitting the new car market, many of them coming in EVs. Four-Wheel Steering and CrabWalk from the GMC Hummer EV are particularly worth noting. The Hummer EV CrabWalk is being drooled over by enthusiasts as...
3 min read
Hummer ev towing capacity

What is the Maximum Hummer EV Towing Capacity?

If you have a vehicle like the Hummer EV, you’re likely to want to tow a trailer of some kind on occasion. That’s great. However, you should always take care when towing loads (especially large and heavy ones). Always...
4 min read
Hummer EV super cruise

How to activate and operate Super Cruise on Hummer EV

More and more driver assists are being released every month. Super Cruise is GM’s contribution. It’s fitted to the Hummer EV. This post will explain how to turn it on and off. Above all, this page should serve as...
4 min read