nissan leaf key battery replacement

How to replace the battery in the Nissan Leaf key

Without a working key, you can’t access your car. Over time, the cell batteries used in vehicle keys discharge and eventually stop working. There’s nothing unusual about this and nothing to worry about. If it’s severely discharged, you might...
4 min read
Nissan Leaf eco mode

How to turn on ECO mode on the Nissan Leaf

Maximizing the range of an EV is a priority for most motorists. After spending money to charge it up, making those batteries last as many miles as possible means you make every penny count. Many EVs and new cars,...
3 min read
Nissan leaf propilot assist

How to operate ProPILOT Assist on Nissan Leaf

ProPILOT Assist combines Intelligent Cruise Control and Steering Assist to help you drive on large highways and freeways. Never operate this system without reading your owner’s manual. You’ll find detailed information about the system limitations, warning lights, indicator meanings,...
4 min read
Nissan leaf

All about charging status indicator lights on a Nissan Leaf

Charging any electric car is, of course, a vital part of ownership. The Nissan Leaf is no exception. Once you’ve plugged your car in, though, how do you know your car is charging? How do you know the batteries...
2 min read
Nissan Leaf

How to start Nissan Leaf remote charging

Charging a Nissan Leaf is, of course, vital. Recharging the batteries gives you the energy you need to drive. However, you might want to only start charging the batteries at a specific time. For example, the cheapest hours to...
2 min read
Nissan Leaf charge timer

How to use second-generation Nissan Leaf charge timer

The charge timer on the Nissan Leaf allows you to start charging your car at a time that suits you. Setting the charge timer on the Nissan Leaf is as simple as choosing the relevant setting. On this page,...
2 min read