How to replace the battery in the Nissan Leaf key

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nissan leaf key battery replacement

Without a working key, you can’t access your car. Over time, the cell batteries used in vehicle keys discharge and eventually stop working.
There’s nothing unusual about this and nothing to worry about. If it’s severely discharged, you might have to use the mechanical key until you get a new battery.
This article will explain how to change the Nissan Leaf key battery, so it works as good as new.
Note: always read your owner’s manual. This contains information specific to your Nissan Leaf model. It also instructs you on the inherent dangers associated with cell batteries.

Safety notices and risks associated with Nissan Leaf key batteries

This section is not an all-encompassing list. Read your owner’s manual for all the information you need.
When changing the button cell battery in any car key, be aware that:

  • Button cells are extremely hazardous (toxic) if ingested. Don’t put them anywhere near your mouth. Keep them well out of reach of children and animals.
    • This also applies to the old battery. Keep it well away from inquisitive minds and dispose of it safely in an environmentally-protective and legal manner. You should throw it away as soon as you’ve finished, so you don’t lose it.
  • Incorrectly putting the battery together could lead to it exploding.
  • You must use the correct type of battery. For the Nissan Leaf, this is typically a CR2025. Check your owner’s manual for the specific type required.
  • Put the battery in the correct way around. The + (positive) side should face the bottom of the case. It’ll be labeled, so there should be no room for a mistake.
  • Don’t damage the plastic (or metal) components when taking your key apart. It’s advisable to cover the flathead screwdriver with a cloth, for example.
  • When inserting the battery, hold it by the sides/edges. The flat ‘faces’ are the positive and negative (+ and -) terminals that power the circuit. Getting dirt, sweat, oils, and other deposits on these areas could prevent the battery from working properly.
  • Don’t touch the internal circuitry.
  • This is only a brief overview of the most important things to consider. Many more factors and aspects could be potential hazards.

What key battery does the Nissan Leaf take?

Check your owner’s manual! This will tell you exactly what type of button cell battery you need. This is the only reliable source of information.
Most Nissan Leaf keys need a CR2025 battery. However, you should still check your owner’s manual to make sure!

How to change your Nissan Leaf key battery

Nissan Leaf key battery replacement is a straightforward job. That said, you must still be aware of all the safety risks and be careful not to damage the key.
Nissan recommends visiting an authorized dealership to get this procedure done. You can have a go at it yourself if you prefer.
Follow the instructions below to change your Nissan Leaf key battery.

  • Pull the mechanical key out of the key.
    • The mechanical key is what you use to access the manual locks in the door handles.
  • Cover a small flathead screwdriver (electrical screwdriver, if possible) with a cloth.
    • The cloth protects the plastic from cracking.
  • Insert it into the slit revealed by the mechanical key being removed.
  • Gently lever the top and bottom parts apart.
    • Be careful not to break it.
  • Remove the old battery and dispose of it safely, following the safety instructions above and in the owner’s manual.
    • Most importantly, keep it out of reach of children and animals.
  • Reinsert a new battery.
    • Ensure you use the correct battery type.
    • Hold the battery at the edges rather than at the faces.
  • Realign the tops of the top and bottom parts. Then, press the two together.
  • Ensure they’re securely pushed back together.
  • Test the key by pressing the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons from some distance away.

If the key still doesn’t work, you may have inserted the battery incorrectly.
Try again, following the same safety instructions. It may be the best idea to go to a Nissan dealership.

Never neglect to read your owner’s manual. See a PDF of the Nissan Leaf owner’s manual below.

owners manual

By Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

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