12 Myths About Electric Vehicles: Debunked

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular as people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel costs. However, there are still many myths and misconceptions about EVs that may be preventing...
7 min read
nissan leaf key battery replacement

How to replace the battery in the Nissan Leaf key

Without a working key, you can’t access your car. Over time, the cell batteries used in vehicle keys discharge and eventually stop working. There’s nothing unusual about this and nothing to worry about. If it’s severely discharged, you might...
4 min read
Tesla party mode

How to activate Party Mode on Tesla Model X

Teslas may or may not be the future of the driving world – but they represent the new EV era in all its glory. Cars are no longer simply four wheels and some seats. No, now they can be…...
3 min read
Chevy Bolt euv maintenance schedule

Chevy Bolt EUV maintenance schedule

All cars need regular maintenance, and the Chevy Bolt EUV is no exception. Regular maintenance means a car stays in good condition, making it pleasant to drive and safe, and helping it retain more value. This page walks you...
4 min read
How to pair phone to tesla

How to pair your phone to Tesla Model S

Nowadays, most cars come with Bluetooth connectivity (like most phones). This means you can connect your smart device to your vehicle. In turn, this means you can answer phone calls, play music, and do much more, all from the...
3 min read
Rivian r1t suspension

Rivian R1T Drive Modes explained

Few vehicles have ever received quite as much hype as the Rivian R1T truck. It’s one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles of all time. And that’s saying something. Like all modern vehicles, the Rivian R1T comes with various...
3 min read
Nissan Leaf eco mode

How to turn on ECO mode on the Nissan Leaf

Maximizing the range of an EV is a priority for most motorists. After spending money to charge it up, making those batteries last as many miles as possible means you make every penny count. Many EVs and new cars,...
3 min read
Ford mustang mach e ambient lighting

How to adjust the ambient lighting on Mustang Mach E

Electric vehicles open up a whole new world of potential luxury. Not only should a car be functional, but it should be a nice place to be – especially if you spend significant amounts of time there. Ambient lighting...
3 min read
Nissan leaf propilot assist

How to operate ProPILOT Assist on Nissan Leaf

ProPILOT Assist combines Intelligent Cruise Control and Steering Assist to help you drive on large highways and freeways. Never operate this system without reading your owner’s manual. You’ll find detailed information about the system limitations, warning lights, indicator meanings,...
4 min read