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Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.


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How to program Hyundai IONIQ 5 garage door opener

Modern cars come equipped with various advanced features, including the ability to open garage doors with just the touch of a button. If you...
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What are the dimensions of the Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y is one of the best-selling cars of all time, smashing records left, right, and center. Its SUV crossover build makes...
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How to operate the sunroof (vision roof) of your IONIQ 5

If you have an IONIQ 5, you might wonder how to use its sunroof or Vision Roof. The Vision Roof is a fantastic addition...
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What are the dimensions of the VW ID.4?

The VW ID.4 is Volkswagen’s hottest EV in North America right now. As an electric SUV, it’s ideally suited to match the current trends...
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What are the dimensions of a Hyundai Kona EV?

The Hyundai Kona EV is a brilliant example of what we can probably expect the average car on the road to be like in...
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How to open/close the panoramic sunroof on KIA EV6

The panoramic sunroof is popular in many cars today, including the KIA EV6. It provides a unique driving experience by allowing natural light and...
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What are the wheel and tire sizes of the KIA EV6?

The KIA EV6 is a revolutionary electric multi-purpose vehicle that has hit the ground running since its launch in 2021. However, with all current...
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How to activate Wi-Fi hotspot in your VW ID.4

In the modern world, staying connected to the internet has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or...
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How to Use Smart Summon on a Tesla Model Y

Fully self-driving cars are a thing of the future. However, Tesla has been a leader in autonomous driving technology for many years. One of...
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