Top 5 Best Electric Car Charger Installers in Malaysia Review – Full Guide

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Top 5 Electric Car Charger Installers in Malaysia

Introduction: My Journey to Electrify My Ride at Home in Kota Damansara Malaysia

As a proud EV owner here in Malaysia, the next logical step was to sort out a home charging setup. Trust me, it’s not just about plugging in; it’s about finding the right folks who know their way around installing a charger without turning your car porch into a mini construction site.

So, I embarked on this mission, diving deep into the world of EV charger installers across our tanah air, looking for that perfect blend of service, expertise, and of course, value for money.

To all my fellow EV enthusiasts, I’ve gone through the drill so you don’t have to. From phone calls that felt like catching up with an old friend to some that… well, let’s just say were more formal, I’ve gathered my honest thoughts on the top 5 electric car charger installers in Malaysia for 2024.

Enhance Your Experience: Consider checking out a couple of videos on what makes a good EV charger installation. It’s always better to see things in action, kan? They made a whole video out of this for me and obviously gave me a discount for allowing them to share my feedback hehe. 😜

This isn’t about telling you who to go with. It’s about sharing my cerita, from one EV owner to another, in hopes that it makes your journey a bit easier.

Here’s The Top 5 EV Charger Installers In Malaysia – KL / Selangor/ Klang Valley

1. Energi Elite

  • Website: Energi Elite EV Charger Installation
  • Pricing: From RM1200 for single phase; RM1350 for three phase
  • My Experience:
    • Their rapid response and professionalism immediately set a high standard. The suggestion to hack walls for wiring concealedment truly aligned with my desire for a neat aesthetic.
    • Why They Stood Out:
      • Maintained my home’s aesthetic brilliantly, offering a clean setup without visible wires.
      • The use of premium, safety-compliant RCCB Type A from Japan reassured me of the installation’s quality.
      • Exceptional value for the quality of service and materials provided.

2. Aqua Kent

  • Website: Aqua Kent EV Home Charger Installation
  • Pricing: Starts at RM1350 for three-phase installations
  • My Experience:
    • A decade of experience was evident in their approach because they have been doing home appliances installation for over 10 years already with lots of good review, providing a sense of reliability. However, I missed the innovative solutions I sought for aesthetic integrity.
    • Reflections:
      • Their solid, experienced-based approach instilled confidence.
      • I found their service more traditional, lacking customization options for hiding installations.

3. EVGuru

  • Website: EVGuru Malaysia
  • Pricing: From RM1949 for three-phase; RM1899 for single phase
  • My Experience:
    • Impressed by their unique european charger installations, but the pricing was a bit steep for my budget.
    • Reflections:
      • Their expertise and professionalism are unquestionable, but the cost factor led me to consider other options more seriously.

4. Kinetta

  • Website: Kinetta Charge
  • Pricing: Starts at RM1788 for three-phase installations
  • My Experience:
    • They showcased deep knowledge and offered customized solutions, but the slower response times tested my patience.
    • Reflections:
      • Offers insightful, tailored suggestions for installations.
      • The delay in communication was a drawback for me, highlighting the importance of quick responses in my decision-making process.

5. ChargeSini (and Carput as an alternative)

  • Website: ChargeSini, Carput EV Charging – Prices start from RM1999
  • My Experience:
    • Difficulty in communication with ChargeSini hinted they might prioritize commercial projects. Carput’s sales person called me after few hours, not sure why different person, but the premium services exceeded my budget.
    • Reflections:
      • Both seemed to offer quality but lacked the personalized service touch and affordability I valued.

What Makes an EV Charger Installation Cun in Malaysia?

So, you’re thinking of setting up an EV charger at your crib and wondering, “Apa yang penting, eh?” Well, let me lay it down for you, step by step, on what truly matters when you’re looking to juice up your ride at home:

Must-Haves in a Solid Setup:

  • Safety First, Always: You’ll want your setup to have the whole gang of protectors – think of a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), that slick Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) Type A straight outta Japan for its top-notch reliability, and don’t forget the isolator switch. This trio is like the Avengers of electrical safety, keeping everything in check.
  • Wiring That Lasts: Using 6mm cables is not just pasal suka-suka; it’s about making sure the whole thing is sturdy and safe, especially if you’re going all out with a three-phase installation. No one wants a setup that kaputs after a few charges, kan?
  • A Good Once-Over: A solid site assessment is crucial. It’s not just about plugging in a charger; it’s about figuring out the best spot that looks good and works even better, without turning your parking spot into a sci-fi movie set.

What Else You Need to Look Out For:

  • Top-Notch Techs: Make sure the folks coming over are certified gurus, preferably with that PW4 certification. You want someone who knows the ins and outs of EV charger installation, not just someone who’s good at drilling holes.
  • After-Service yang Power: A good warranty and someone to pick up the phone post-installation are non-negotiable. You’ll sleep better knowing there’s solid support waiting, just in case things get wonky.

Conclusion: Why I Ended Up Choosing… Well, You Know

After all the meet-ups, the countless questions, and, honestly, a few cups of teh tarik in between, I made my pick. Now, I won’t go all out and say Energi Elite is the “best of the best lah,” but here’s the lowdown on why they caught my eye:

  • They Get the Aesthetic: My house didn’t end up looking like a workshop. They managed to keep everything neat, even suggesting to ‘sembunyi’ the wires behind the walls. Nice touch, right?
  • Responsive Bunch: Their team was on the ball. Questions were answered cepat-cepat, and they were pretty flexible throughout.
  • Quality, Check: From the RCCB Type A (yeah, the good stuff from Japan) to the 6mm cables, they weren’t skimping on safety or durability.
  • Value for Money: Not the cheapest, but for the work they did? Fair price, I’d say. Got my money’s worth without any surprises when the bill came.

So, there you have it. Energi Elite did the job for me, but that’s not to say the others won’t be the right fit for your EV needs. Each of the companies I chatted with has its strengths, and it’s all about what matters most to you.

A Glimpse into the Installation: Fancy a look at how it all went down at my place? Stay tuned for a video walkthrough of the whole shebang – coming your way!

To my fellow Malaysian EV owners, the journey to electrify our rides is as exciting as it is new. It’s all about making informed choices, taking the plunge, and, hey, enjoying the ride. Whether you end up choosing Energi Elite or another installer, here’s to smooth charging and even smoother drives ahead!

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