VW id 3 tyre pressure

How to re-synchronize Tire Pressure Monitoring System in your VW ID.3

Tires are (unfortunately) an often-forgotten but essential part of your car. Drivers all too easily take these readily-available rubber rings for granted. Keeping them at the optimal pressure is vital for road safety. Failure to do so could lead...
4 min read
VW winter tyres

Volkswagen ID.3 and requirements for winter tires

Winter tires are one of the most essential steps when driving in freezing temperatures. They vastly increase your chances of staying safe. You should consider several things when fitting winter tires to your ID.3. I’ve compiled the information in...
3 min read
VW ID.3 autopilot

How does the VW ID.3 Travel Assist (Autopilot) work?

These days autonomous driving is still not fully integrated. We still sit behind the wheel of our cars and need to focus on our surroundings while driving. Yet some electric vehicles like the VW ID.3 make that future look...
3 min read

How to set the We Connect primary user (proof of ownership) on VW ID.3

We Connect means a VW will be able to track your driving habits and customize your ID.3 based on what you need. Becoming the primary user of your vehicle allows you to edit and adjust the We Connect settings....
2 min read

Starting and stopping voice control on VW ID.3

These days, most new cars come with voice control. The VW ID.3 is no exception. Audible commands are one of the safest ways to control a modern vehicle. That’s because there are so few “old-fashioned” mechanical buttons. While this...
2 min read