How does the VW ID.3 Travel Assist (Autopilot) work?

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VW ID.3 autopilot

These days autonomous driving is still not fully integrated. We still sit behind the wheel of our cars and need to focus on our surroundings while driving. Yet some electric vehicles like the VW ID.3 make that future look pretty close.

With its Travel Assist, the VW ID.3 offers various radars, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors to detect objects around the car and provide the driver feedback on what’s happening on the road.

How does the VW ID.3 Travel Assist (Autopilot) work

Packed with great features like lane-keeping assist, smart cruise control, and emergency braking, the VW ID.3 is a great little European EV. But how does this Smart Travel Assist help you stay safe on the road?

Before operating Travel Assist on your ID.3, you must read your owner’s manual. The information in this article is intended to be used alongside it, not to replace it.

VW ID.3 Travel Assist: Functionality

travel assist selected VW ID.3
Source: YouTube (Volkswagen News)

The VW ID.3 Travel Assist (Autopilot) is an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). This is a fancy word for software that keeps you safe on the road by using adaptive cruise control and lane guidance. Within the speed range of 20 mph to 130 mph, adaptive lane guidance will help your car stay in the desired lane.

The cameras and sensors on the side of the car follow the lane markings and perform complicated calculations to help you swerve off the road. Adaptive cruise control ensures you’re traveling at a safe speed on the highway. Once activated, the car can accelerate, brake, and steer automatically.

Included in this feature is the automatic emergency brake assist, which can brake the car all the way down to 0 mph if there’s an obstacle in the lane ahead. The vehicle will then resume starting driving again by itself. Some ID.3 models also have an automatic lane-changing system installed.

As soon as the driver indicates a lane change with his blinker, the assist checks the surroundings and then changes lanes on the motorway without needing manual intervention. To check if your car has Travel Assist:

  • Look for the button on your steering wheel.

ID.3 Travel Assist update to Generation 3.0

ACC selected on VW ID.3
Source: YouTube (Volkswagen News)

The VW ID.3 has recently been equipped with a new software update that improves travel assistance on multiple levels. This update makes the autopilot system a direct competitor to the all-famous electronic car manufacturer Tesla.

In March 2022, all cars in the ID series were offered a new piece of software, which included:

  • Travel Assist for Swarm Data
  • Park Assist Plus with Memory Function

Both significant updates increase the safety of Travel Assist and bring it to a new level. To get the update, all cars need to visit their local dealerships.

I’m excited to see what new features will come soon to help us improve road safety. We certainly aren’t there yet, but it’s arguably a step in the right direction.

Travel Assist with Swarm Data

This is when VW collects road data from other VW vehicles to improve the driver’s experience. In other words, swarm data makes autonomous driving safer the more drivers use this system.

This update is also needed to perform an automatic lane change and keeps you safe on roads with only one lane marking to mark the border of the road.

Park Assist Plus with Memory Function

This parking system can help you look for parking lots and park your car. Additionally, the memory function allows the assist to learn up to five parking manoeuvers.

For this update to take effect, the driver must park in a parking lot once and save the maneuver. The next time the driver wants to park in that spot, all they need to do is monitor the procedure.

Safety First

a man foot on a brake
Source: YouTube (Volkswagen News)

It goes without saying that we have yet to reach the era of fully autonomous driving. Even the best semi-autonomous cars need a driver that can disable the assists if danger occurs. Travel Assist should be used in good weather.

Do not use Travel Assist on your ID.3 if there’s poor visibility, snow and ice on the road, or even a flooded road. The same goes for winding roads, off-road driving, and unsurfaced roads. People crossing the lane will also not be detected.

The list goes on and on. As the driver, you must brake when Travel Assist doesn’t react fast enough. Always keep your hands on the steering wheel and be ready to intervene with the assist if necessary. Travel Assist should be used to detect dangers you may have missed. It shouldn’t replace you as a driver — at least not yet.

ID.3 Autopilot: Summary

All in all, the VW ID.3 has an incredible Travel Assist that provides various luxury and safety features. Its adaptive cruise control keeps you safe from the cars ahead, while the lane-keeping assistant prevents you from swerving from the road.

All Travel Assist systems work flawlessly together (at least, they should!) and provide a safe and fun driving experience. However, if you see danger and find the system is not responding, you’ll need to intervene manually. If you want to read up on the travel assist system in more detail, check out a copy of the VW ID.3 owner’s manual below.

VW id.3 autopilot


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Can I update myAudi software?

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Are software updates free at Audi?

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How long does an Audi software update take?

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By Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

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