Switching the automatic braking intervention function on/off on VW ID.4

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VW id4

Modern cars come with many driver-assist programs. These are designed to help a driver avoid damage to their vehicle and injury to their person.
The VW ID.4 comes equipped with automatic braking intervention. This function is to be used during parking. Switching it on or off is crucial so you can drive comfortably and in complete control of your vehicle.
On this page, you’ll find simple instructions on switching the automatic braking intervention on and off on the VW ID.4.

What is automatic braking intervention on the VW ID.4?

Automatic braking intervention is a system that helps you park. It’ll apply the brakes if it detects your ID.4 is about to hit an object you might not have seen.
You shouldn’t confuse the automatic braking intervention and Front Assist systems. Front Assist applies the brakes in everyday road-going situations, including pedestrian monitoring. Automatic braking intervention is for parking only.
Automatic braking intervention is good for spotting objects you might not have seen, such as bollards, low fences, and bicycles.
Automatic braking intervention applies in two separate parking systems:

  • Park Distance Control – monitors the space all around your car when reversing. Orange and red distance indicators show on the display.
  • Rear Traffic Alert – detects traffic approaching your car from blind spot areas. A typical example is reversing out of a parking space.

What automatic braking intervention does on the VW ID.4

Automatic braking intervention during parking works as follows:

  1. Sensors pick up an obstacle or locate an object approaching your vehicle from a blind spot.
  2. The brakes are automatically applied (provided you have the parking functions switched on).
  3. Automatic braking intervention will hold your car stationary for two seconds.
  4. During this time, you must press and hold the brake pedal.
    • If you don’t, the car will start to roll again.
    • You can override the automatic brakes by either:
      • Pressing the accelerator pedal; or,
      • Turning the parking function button off.
  5. After automatic braking intervention applies the brakes, you’ll have to wait a few seconds before it works again.
    • In a Rear Traffic Alert application, it takes 10 seconds before automatic braking can intervene again.

Activating automatic braking intervention on the ID.4

Automatic braking intervention is always active, provided you have turned a parking function on. It’s dependent on the same standard system limits:

  • The vehicle must be traveling at 6 mph or less.
    • Some functions might continue to be active up to and including 9 mph.
  • You must have turned a parking system on.
    • If you switch the parking assist button off, automatic braking intervention won’t occur.

Can you deactivate automatic braking intervention on the VW ID.4?

You can deactivate automatic braking intervention on the ID.4. You’ll need to:

  • Deactivate all parking assist systems by pressing the button.

This will mean no parking assist systems are active. Be aware of this when you come to park.
You can temporarily deactivate automatic braking intervention while using Park Distance Control. Follow the instructions below:

  • On the Park Distance Control screen, press the Settings icon.
  • Change the setting in the menu.

Activating and deactivating Park Distance Control and Rear Traffic Alert on the ID.4

Park Distance Control and Rear Traffic Alert should come on automatically whenever you’re reversing.
You can force the systems to turn on by:

  • Pressing the touch control for parking functions.

To deactivate the systems:

  • Press the parking systems button; or,
  • Drive forward at 10 mph or more.

Using the automatic braking intervention safely

The ID. 4’s braking intervention will come into effect while you’re parking (or driving below 6 mph). If you notice that the car is applying the brakes at the wrong time:

  1. Deactivate the parking functions by pressing the infotainment system button.
  2. Drive to a Volkswagen dealership shop for an inspection.

Don’t rely on the automatic braking system to control your car for you while parking. These are driver assistance programs. Although they help you park your car without doing any damage, they’re no match for general driver awareness.

See a PDF from the VW ID. 4’s owner’s manual below.

owners manual

By Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

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