Tesla Model Y

What is the dimension of Tesla Model Y

What are the dimensions of the Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y is one of the best-selling cars of all time, smashing records left, right, and center. Its SUV crossover build makes it ideally suited to markets worldwide. In fact, it was the most-bought electric car in...
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Smart summon Tesla Model Y

How to Use Smart Summon on a Tesla Model Y

Fully self-driving cars are a thing of the future. However, Tesla has been a leader in autonomous driving technology for many years. One of its most innovative features is Smart Summon. This feature allows owners to remotely move their...
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Tesla model y key fob

Tesla Model Y key fob battery replacement

Like all car keys, the battery in the Tesla Model Y fob will run out. At this point, it must be disposed of legally and safely and replaced with a new one. The key fob is one way to...
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Tesla model y replacement tires

How to change wheels and tires on a Tesla Model Y

Tires are the most overlooked component of a car. Even though they’re the most important. The difference between high-quality and low-quality tires is immense. It makes a vast difference to performance, economy, and safety. The Tesla Model Y might...
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Tesla heated steering wheel

How to turn the heated steering wheel on in Tesla Model Y

A heated steering wheel is a luxury – but most cars, including the Tesla Model Y, have them nowadays. They allow you to grip the steering wheel comfortably. This is especially useful on cold winter mornings and eliminates the...
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Tesla software update

How to update Tesla software

Modern cars are incredibly advanced, with computers controlling everything. Just like your phone or computer, you must install regular software updates. This guide explains installing Tesla software updates, including scheduling and viewing release notes. Read your owner’s manual for...
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