How to Use Smart Summon on a Tesla Model Y

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Smart summon Tesla Model Y

Fully self-driving cars are a thing of the future. However, Tesla has been a leader in autonomous driving technology for many years. One of its most innovative features is Smart Summon.

This feature allows owners to remotely move their Model Y to their location or a specified destination within 213 feet (65 meters) without being in the car. This article will guide you through using Smart Summon on your Tesla Model Y.

How to Use Smart Summon on a Tesla Model Y
How to Use Smart Summon on a Tesla Model Y

As always, refer to your owner’s manual before operating Tesla’s many autonomous features.

What is Smart Summon?

Tesla smart summon
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Smart Summon is a feature introduced by Tesla that allows owners of certain Tesla models to remotely summon their vehicles from a parking space.

Owners can use the Tesla mobile app to initiate Smart Summon, and their vehicle will drive autonomously to their location, avoiding obstacles and other cars.

Smart Summon uses the vehicle’s sensors and cameras to detect and navigate around obstacles, including people, cars, and other objects in its path.

It’s designed to be used in private parking lots and driveways and is intended to make it easier for Tesla owners to retrieve their vehicles without physically walking to the car.

Smart summon prerequisites

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A few things need to be done before you can summon your Tesla Model Y to your location at the click of a button.
The below checklist must all be completed for the Tesla Model Y smart summon to work:

  1. Your Tesla vehicle must have Full Self-Driving Capability or Enhanced Autopilot.
  2. You need to have the latest version of the Tesla mobile app installed on your smartphone.
  3. You need to be within approximately 200 feet of your Tesla vehicle and have a clear line of sight to it.
  4. The Smart Summon feature must be enabled in your vehicle’s settings, which can be done through the Tesla mobile app.
  5. You must be on private property, such as a home driveway or a private parking lot, and not on a public road or highway.

How to Use Smart Summon

tesla summon and smart summon
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Tesla has worked extensively to make using Smart Summon a stress-free experience. Following the steps below, you can move your Model Y using your phone in no time.

Open the Tesla Mobile App and Start Smart Summon

To start using Smart Summon, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Tesla mobile app
  2. Press the Summon button
  3. Press the Smart Summon icon in the center of the image of your Model Y

It may take a few seconds for Smart Summon to start up.

NOTICE: You can use Standby Mode to eliminate the delay when Smart Summon starts. Standby mode is a feature that keeps your Tesla Model Y ready for summoning and reduces the time it takes to warm up.

Position Yourself Within the Blue Circle

You’ll see a map with a blue circle on the mobile app. This circle shows the maximum distance your car must be from your smartphone (213 feet/65 meters).

The red arrow shows the location of your Tesla. The blue dot represents where you are.

Ensure you’re standing anywhere within the blue circle with a clear view of your car (for safety reasons).

Choose Your Mode

Once you’re in Smart Summon, you can choose between two modes:

  • Come to Me; and
  • Go to Target.

Come to Me Mode

Follow these instructions to use Come to Me. Ensure you meet the criteria.

  1. Tap and hold Come to Me.

The Model Y will move towards you, following you as you move. When the car reaches you, it will stop and shift into Park.

Go to Target Mode

Follow these instructions to use Go to Target.

  1. Touch the crosshair icon and then drag the map to position the pin on the chosen destination.
  2. Press and hold Go to Target.

The Model Y drives to the destination. When it reaches the location, it stops and shifts into Park.

Note: To change the location again, you should release the button. You’ll then need to reposition the map and restart the process.

Operating Smart Summon

Once you’ve started either mode, the hazard lights briefly flash, mirrors fold, and the vehicle shifts into Drive or Reverse. The Model Y then slowly moves to within 3 feet of you (Come to Me) or the target location (Go to Target), navigating obstacles as needed.

As the Model Y drives itself, the corresponding red arrow on the map also moves, showing the vehicle’s location. As you change positions, the corresponding blue dot also indicates your location.

Instead of looking at the mobile app, watch your Model Y and its driving path. You must always be ready to release the button and stop the vehicle if it becomes dangerous.

Stop Model Y

To stop the Model Y at any time, release either button. When you release the button to stop your Model Y, there’s a slight delay before it stops completely.

This shows how crucial it is to always watch the vehicle’s path and anticipate obstacles (such as pedestrians or low-lying curbs!) that the car may be unable to detect).

When is Smart Summon not available?

While Smart Summon is a futuristic feature that Tesla provides, it is not without its limitations. Below are several situations where Smart Summon will not be available or will stop during use:

  • If specific actions are taken, such as opening a door or interacting with the steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, or shift
  • In certain weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fog, ice, snow, or extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Affected by obstacles or other factors, such as raised concrete edges or damaged or obstructed sensors or cameras
  • Losing connection to your phone due to sleep mode, battery, or poor cellular coverage
  • Sloped driving paths (>10% grade)
  • Smart summon is unavailable if the Model Y is in Trailer mode or there is an accessory attached

Understanding the limitations and prerequisites for using Smart Summon with your Tesla vehicle to use it safely and effectively is essential.


Smart Summon is a feature that offers Tesla owners a new level of convenience and control over their vehicles. By using the Tesla mobile app, owners can remotely summon their cars from a parking space, allowing them to avoid the hassle of walking to their vehicle in inclement weather or navigating crowded parking lots.

Following these steps, you can easily use Smart Summon to move your Model Y to your location or a specified destination. In addition, Smart Summon can be a fun and impressive feature to show off to friends and family. However, always ensure safety is at the center of your mind.

To read more about the Smart Summon feature in your Tesla Model Y, check out the owner’s manual below.

Tesla model Y Smart Summon


How does Smart Summon work with Tesla vehicles?

This question seeks a general understanding of how the Smart Summon feature functions, which is explained in the article.

Is Smart Summon available for all Tesla models?

Users often want to know which Tesla models are compatible with Smart Summon. The availability may have changed since my last update.

What are the safety precautions when using Smart Summon?

Users want to know how to ensure safety when using Smart Summon, including monitoring the vehicle and understanding its limitations.

Can Smart Summon be used in public parking lots and streets?

Understanding the restrictions of where Smart Summon can be used is crucial, as it’s designed for private property.

What are the prerequisites for enabling Smart Summon on a Tesla vehicle?

This question pertains to the specific requirements a Tesla owner needs to meet to use Smart Summon.

How far can I be from my Tesla when using Smart Summon?

Users want to know the maximum distance they can be from their vehicle when initiating Smart Summon, which is mentioned in the article.

By Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

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