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Rivian r1t air compressor

How to use the Air Compressor on Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T comes with its own in-built air compressor. It’s made for the adventurer at heart (as is the entire vehicle). You’ll find it in the Gear Tunnel door. Along with the compressor, you’ll find the accessory kit....
3 min read
Kia Niro charging door won't open

How to open the charging door on Kia e-Niro

When you come to charge your Kia Niro EV, you’ll need to plug it in. To do that, you need to open the charging door located at the front. Sometimes, the Kia Niro charging door doesn’t open. That’s frustrating...
3 min read
Chevy bolt euv super cruise

How to activate and use Super Cruise on Chevy Bolt EUV

Many modern cars and EVs have features to help you stay in lane and travel at a constant speed. Super Cruise on the Chevy Bolt EUV does both of these. It even allows you to remove your hands from...
3 min read
Kia ev6 charging speed

Charging time and charge types on KIA EV6

Charging your electric car must be done regularly. Although newer EVs come with more extended battery sizes (and therefore range potential), you’ll still need to watch out for low-charge warnings. It’s always essential to plan your route accordingly for...
3 min read
Tesla media player

How to use the Tesla Media Player

These days, most people wouldn’t even consider buying a car unless it came with an advanced sound system and media connectivity. As a result, car manufacturers usually try to make their vehicles as comprehensive as possible. The Tesla Model...
3 min read
VW id 3 tyre pressure

How to re-synchronize Tire Pressure Monitoring System in your VW ID.3

Tires are (unfortunately) an often-forgotten but essential part of your car. Drivers all too easily take these readily-available rubber rings for granted. Keeping them at the optimal pressure is vital for road safety. Failure to do so could lead...
4 min read
Hummer EV crab walk

Hummer EV Four-Wheel Steering Modes (Including CrabWalk) Explained

Many exciting developments are hitting the new car market, many of them coming in EVs. Four-Wheel Steering and CrabWalk from the GMC Hummer EV are particularly worth noting. The Hummer EV CrabWalk is being drooled over by enthusiasts as...
3 min read
Audi q4 e tron android auto

How To Connect Android Auto To Audi E-Tron

These days your car can do much more than get you from A to B. Modern technology has increased the safety of vehicles and made every journey more pleasurable. An essential part of this in-car experience is the way...
3 min read
Mercedes eqs key

How To Replace Mercedes-Benz EQS SmartKey Battery

When Mercedes-Benz comes to mind, some may make the connection to the first automobile back in 1886 by Carl Benz. Over the past 140 years, this company grew to a multi-billion-dollar company with a revenue of over $133 billion...
3 min read