How to switch Night Vision Assist on/off on Audi e-Tron

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Audi e tron night vision assistant

Driving at night always carries a risk factor. Being unable to see far – even with headlights – means it’s more difficult to prepare for what’s coming up in front of you.

Night Vision Assist is a driver aid to help you be more aware of what’s ahead. However, always remember: it’s an assist (ADAS) program and isn’t a replacement for awareness and competence.

How to switch Night Vision Assist on off on Audi e-Tron

This article will explain how to turn Night Vision Assist on and off in the Audi e-Tron. Remember to read your owner’s manual for the most model-specific, accurate information. Never drive without reading this thoroughly!

What is the Audi e-Tron Night Vision Assistant?

Audi night vision assistant
Source: YouTube (Audi NZ)

You can get Night Vision Assist on the larger Audi models, including the e-Tron. It uses a thermal imaging camera. This is next to the far-right Audi ring (as you look at it from the front).

The system converts the readings from the thermal imaging camera into a black-and-white screen. This highlights heat readings and is thus helpful on dark roads.

The live feed from the camera shows up on the central display in front of the driver.
It will display the following:

  • Pedestrians
  • Large wildlife, such as deer

The camera has a range of 24 degrees and is pointed directly forward. Its lens is independently cleaned with its own nozzle and is heated when cold. This ensures it works as well as can be expected at all times.

If you’re traveling faster (above approximately 35 mph), the High Beam Assistant will flash at pedestrians in danger. This doesn’t apply to wild animals or if other vehicles are detected. It serves as a warning to both you and them.

Note that the system is susceptible to many environmental and electrical factors that might impact its effectiveness. It might not work at all under certain circumstances.

How far can the Audi e-Tron Night Vision Assist see?

audi on the road with night vision assistant on
Source: YouTube (Audi NZ)

The thermal imaging system works up to around 300 meters (1,000 feet). This is far further than even high-beam headlight ranges, which tend to illuminate about 400 feet ahead.

Hot objects are shown as lighter (whiter), while cooler things are darker. Once again, though, you should be looking out the windshield – not at your central display! Night Vision Assist is a driver-aid only.

At about 90 meters, the e-Tron will begin identifying individual beings for what they are. Most importantly, it scans the shapes for criteria that match the profile of humans. Specifically, it’s looking for a hot “head” shape.

Note that the system might not recognize a heat signature as human until as close as 10 meters due to certain factors.

How does Night Vision Assist help you drive?

audi car front driver view interior
Source: YouTube (Audi NZ)

As well as identifying heat signatures and displaying them for you, Night Vision Assist will highlight pedestrians with a yellow marking. It should also work for large animals. This yellow marking helps you keep track of where they are.

If the person is walking into or near the path of your vehicle, the marking should turn red. This is accompanied by a warning chime and a notification in the HUD.

How to activate or deactivate Night Vision Assist in the e-Tron

To activate the system:

  • Press the Driver Assistance Systems button on the center console;


  • On the home screen, go to VEHICLE.
  • Choose Driver assistance.

You can then activate or deactivate Night Vision Assist. Night Vision Assist will come on whenever your headlights are switched on. Certain other factors must also be met.

How to turn on Audi e-Tron Night Vision Assist

Follow the below instructions to turn on Night Vision Assist once activated.

  1. Turn the headlights to their low beam setting or leave them on AUTO.
  2. Night Vision Assist will automatically activate when it’s dark.

Adjusting the Night Vision Assist contrast in the e-Tron

To adjust the image contrast, follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to the MMI home screen.
  2. Choose VEHICLE.
  3. Select Driver assistance.
  4. Open Night Vision Assist.
  5. Adjust the contrast slider.

Turning Audi e-Tron Night Vision Assistant off

To turn the Audi e-Tron Night Vision Assistant off:

  1. Go to the Night Vision Assist tab in the instrument cluster.
  2. Turn off Night Vision Assist.
  3. Exit the tab.
    • Night Vision Assist will remain on until you leave the tab.

Audi e-Tron Night Vision Assist system limitations

The e-Tron’s Night Vision Assist is limited by certain factors. This list is non-exhaustive!

  • At about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, it will deactivate.
  • If it’s light outside, the system will deactivate (there’s no need to use it).
  • Steering angles and speed may impact when the system can identify a potential hazard.
  • If the shape of the person or animal is unclear, Night Vision Assist won’t recognize them.
    • They could be partially hidden behind a low wall, parked car, or high grass.
    • They might be sitting or lying down (asleep or injured).
  • The lens might be covered by dirt or other deposits from the road.
  • Don’t cover the lens with a sticker or any other obstruction.
  • Poor visibility will impact the system’s effectiveness, such as:
    • Fog
    • Heavy rain
    • Heavy snow
    • Sleet
    • Dust or sandstorms
    • Spray
  • False warnings can and do happen.

A symbol with a crossed-out human will appear if the identification part of the system isn’t working. If you get the following error message:

  • Night vision assist: currently unavailable. See owner’s manual.

You should go to an Audi mechanic as soon as possible. It’s your responsibility to get it fixed. In the meantime, Night Vision Assist will be automatically switched off.

Read your owner’s manual before operating Night Vision Assist on the Audi e-Tron. You’ll find a copy of it in your car. Alternatively, see below.

owners manual


Does Audi e-Tron have night vision?

Yes, the Audi e-Tron is equipped with a Night Vision Assist system that uses a thermal imaging camera to enhance visibility at night.

What is Audi Night Vision Assistant?

Audi Night Vision Assistant is a driver aid system that utilizes a thermal imaging camera to detect heat signatures and display them on the central screen in the vehicle. It highlights pedestrians and large wildlife, aiding the driver in identifying potential hazards in low-light conditions.

How does Audi Night Vision work?

Audi Night Vision works by using a thermal imaging camera, positioned near the far-right Audi ring on the vehicle’s front. The camera captures heat readings and displays them in black and white on the central screen. It can identify pedestrians and large animals, highlighting them with yellow markings. If a pedestrian or animal approaches the vehicle, the marking turns red, accompanied by a warning chime and a notification in the Head-Up Display.

Which Audi models have Night Vision?

The article mentions that Night Vision Assist is available on larger Audi models, including the Audi e-Tron. However, it doesn’t provide an exhaustive list of all Audi models that have this feature. For specific information about which Audi models come equipped with Night Vision Assist, it’s advisable to consult Audi’s official website or the owner’s manual for each model.

By Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

Ben Kitchen Ben is a qualified car mechanic with experience working in the industry. He now works as an automotive author, writing about all things vehicle-related. He’s excited about the potential held by electric cars of all shapes, sizes, and types.

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